The name "Natural Homes" describes a philosophy of design originated by the architect Frank LLoyd Wright.
The basic tenets are : Homes should be designed as an "organic whole" in harmony with nature rather than in
                              They should appear as though they belong to the site.
                              All parts should relate to the whole.
                              Whenever possible they should be designed in a way that they take advantage of the siting.
                              The benefits are a more a comfortable living space due to natural lighting and energy
                              The inside of the home should flow to the outside.
                              The Home should appear  to be firmly anchored to the earth.

Wright also used the term "Organic Architecture" meaning to build as nature builds. To see the house less as a
cave and more as a broad shelter related to the vista.

Architect Charles W. Woods has done an excellent job of quantifying these principles in his books,"Designing your
natural house" and "A natural system of house design". He along with Frank LLoyd Wright have been the main
inspiration for my work.

Whenever possible we incorporate these principles into our designs. With fuel costs continuing to rise, these
principles make for not only a more comfortable home, but one that is less costly to live in.

Basic Design considerations :  Open floor plans for the way people really live.

                                            Natural lighting whenever possible.

                                            Natural materials.

                                            High efficiency appliances.

                                            High efficiency heating systems and optional geo-thermal.

                                            Siting for energy efficiency as well as views.

                                            Design on a grid system for better flow and less material waste.

                                            Larger overhangs to protect the home and give a sense of shelter.

                                            Proper massing and scale.

                                            Consistent use of windows.

                                            Inside spaces should flow to outside spaces.

                                            Overall balance and a sense of unity.

Building "Green" is also a concept that is gaining in popularity and is in line with our philosophy. It does not have
to be expensive. Research is on going and new methods are being developed rapidly. Feel free to contact us to
discuss your ideas or concerns.